Hello. My name is Amir Jabbarpour. I am an online fitness coach and a non-competitive natural bodybuilder. I can just go on and on about all the people I’ve helped to lose weight and build muscle and I have done this & I have done that like every other fitness coach. But I mean, that’s my JOB! I am SUPPOSED to do that! So instead, I’d like to share my story with you all about how I ended up as a fitness trainer in the first place.

    So, I was a gymnast for 8 years (5 – 13) and started bodybuilding at the age of 15. And after about a year of lifting weights, I was so in love with the sport that I wanted to become the men’s physique Mr. Olympia! I chose men’s physique because like every beginner I didn’t like to get too big. Crazy right? Like it is easy to even get just a little bit bigger the normal.

Me at 16 years old

    But that goal got faded away over time. Because I was constantly comparing myself “the guy with worse than average genetics” to others. And by “Others” I mean the best bodybuilding champions. In other words, people who were older, were more experienced, had the best genetics, were on lots of steroids etc.

P.S: This is what I mean by “worse than average genetics”. Me and Jeremy Buendia are both 17 here. just look at the difference. 

Me at 17 years old

     So anyway, I completely forgot about competing but my love for the gym never faded. I kept training kept learning about fitness and FINALLY after about 3 or 4 years, I was VERY happy with the gains I had made; Even though when I look back now. I think I was still pretty small. But since I didn’t have a coach and made all those gains by myself and with the things I had learned over time, I was very happy for myself.

Me at 19 years old

     Now, almost a decade later, I am still training myself and since 2020 I’ve been coaching other people. If you want to know how did I look when I first started training, here it is:

Day 1 (15 y.o)

Year 9 (25 y.o)

     It was a long and difficult journey but I made it! If I was able to make it with my terrible genetics, OF COURSE you can do it too! You just need to trust me: