Premium coaching

If you’re reading this, then you are ready to be here for the long run. Because ONLY the most disciplined people can commit to a goal for a full year.

Original price was: $2.100.Current price is: $1.800.

If you’re reading this, then you are ready to be here for the long run.


Unlike the “onetime plans” which are designed to be executed in a 4-week period, and the “personal coaching” which is a 12-week program, our premium coaching plan is only for the go getters. Because only the most disciplined people can commit to a goal for a full year. But make no mistake, The road ahead is difficult and we will be hard on you, but pressure is what turns coal into diamonds. And we WILL make a diamond out of you. So, if you are serious which I know you are, we will be your companion on your journey to greatness.


Here are the features of our premium coaching plan:


  1. Custom training plan: A step by step instruction on exactly what to do in the gym (Or home based on where you choose to train). What exercises to perform, how many sets, how many reps, how fast or slow you should perform the exercises, how much rest you should take between each set. basically, you will know exactly to do what, when and how. Sounds good? Well, we aren’t done yet!
  2. Custom meal plan: An easy-to-follow meal plan without the need to cutout your favorite foods! Since we consider your nutrition habits, activity level, fitness goals etc. before designing your meal plan, the result of our work would be a meal plan which you can stick to very easily.
  3. Full access to the exercise library: You do know about our exercise library right? The one with over 500 video tutorials on how to do each exercise? the one which gets updated regularly? Yeah that. You will have full access to it.
  4. Shopping list: You will receive a list containing the exact ingredients you need to have in order to prep your meals. So, if you don’t buy anything extra which is not on the list, you can’t and won’t cheat on your diet.
  5. Prioritized Q&A sessions: We will be in contact via WhatsApp to answer any questions you might have about any related topic (your questions will be answered ASAP. In other words, before “Personal coaching” and “Fitness plans” users)
  6. Accountability: It is obvious that in order to reach your fitness goals, you must want it bad enough. We will also be on your side to support you every step of the way.
  7. Weekly check-ins: Once every week, we will catch up in a video or voice call to trach your progress.
  8. Direct contact: It is required for you to have WhatsApp so we can stay in touch with you, keep you motivated when don’t feel like following the plan; and answer your questions when you have one.
  9. And last but not least, you will get 16% Off. Coaching plans are valued at 175$ per month. But when purchased for a full year, you’ll save 300$. Because you only pay 1800$ (150$/mo) instead of 2100$ (175$/mo). Pretty good deal, right?



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